Fast Python for Data Science (MEAP)

 Fast Python for Data Science
English | 2021 | ISBN: 9781617297939 | 127 pages | pdf | 11.8 MB

Master these effective techniques to reduce costs and run times, handle huge datasets, and implement complex machine learning applications efficiently in Python.

Fast Python for Data Science is your guide to optimizing every part of your Python-based data analysis process, from the pure Python code you write to managing the resources of modern hardware and GPUs. You'll learn to rewrite inefficient data structures, improve underperforming code with multithreading, and simplify your datasets without sacrificing accuracy.
about the technology
Fast, accurate systems are vital for handling the huge datasets and complex analytical algorithms that are common in modern data science. Python programmers need to boost performance by writing faster pure-Python programs, optimizing the use of libraries, and utilizing modern multi-processor hardware; Fast Python for Data Science shows you how.

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